Freeride setup
#Faceskate #AeraK4 #Seismic #Cliff #Predator #Venom #4DLongboarding

Freeride setup #Faceskate #AeraK4 #Seismic #Cliff #Predator #Venom #4DLongboarding

Yesterday ..
#Campão style.. #4D #Longboarding #Slide #ParqueIndigena

Yesterday .. #Campão style.. #4D #Longboarding #Slide #ParqueIndigena

Shanghai Cruise from Alexandru Costin on Vimeo.

A montage from my trip in Shanghai with a bit of skateboarding, cruising with friends, a bit of the city and some funny moments. I have chosen chinese traditional music because every time i went skating in the night at a spot near the house, was this old man playing this music, so it was my skating soundtrack for 3 months.

Camera: GoPro Hero2
Thank’s for filming: Pedro Fonseca Giafferis, Pedro Fenrandez, Aurelien Pannier, Dima Solomakha, Tommy Hendriks.

Comet Skateboards // FlowCam // James Tracey from Comet Skateboards on Vimeo.

The FlowCam series are video montages of the raw clips that our flow shredders send in. Comet Skateboards is committed to supporting dedicated shredders globally. Stay tuned for more Comet FlowCam videos on this channel in addition to the skateboarding adventures of the Comet Team.

James Tracey is from Albuquerque and can handle himself on any type of Terrain and was the perfect candidate to start off the FlowCam series.

Garrett Goeckner, Sean Stratmeyer, Zion Miller, Sam Greenblatt

Matt Bo

♫ Ikebe Shakedown - Sakonsa


© Comet Skateboards 2013

STEEZE DUDE, STEEZE from Max Capps on Vimeo.

My sweet steezy video.

In my hometown..
#Campao style.. #Capivara #Longboarding #4DLongboarding

In my hometown.. #Campao style.. #Capivara #Longboarding #4DLongboarding

Thats siiick.. hell yeah.. #Downhill #Slide #Master #Yuppie

Thats siiick.. hell yeah.. #Downhill #Slide #Master #Yuppie

Paris Truck Co. Presents: Matt K in Life In The Fast Lane from Paris Trucks on Vimeo.

Behold the splendor of Matt Kienzle ripping apart the beautiful hills of New Zealand. Nuff said!

Filmed by: Gabriel Gwynne & Jacob Lambert
Edited by: Andrew Parker
Song: “Fast Fuse” by: Kasabian

For more info on Paris Truck Co. and all it’s team riders please visit

Comet Skateboards // At home with Eric Jensen from Comet Skateboards on Vimeo.

Comet Skateboards presents at Home with Eric Jensen. Eric Jensen usually spends a lot of his time travelling. Here are some clips from his home town of Toronto, Ontario along with a few from his other favorite cities.

Matt Bo, Dan Bubalo, Rip Lee, Chubbs

Matt Bo

♫ Funkadelic - Brettino’s Bounce


© Comet Skateboards 2013

Skatesgiving with Jackson and Tyler from Mike Fitter on Vimeo.

Jackson Hilts and Tyler Raffle set off down some new terrain on a sunny Thanksgiving

Music: Tom Waits- Big in Japan