Raw Run - Elliott Newey from Sanctum Collective on Vimeo.

Team rider Elliott Newey dominates his local gem before the sunset in the first of many Raw Run videos to come.

One That Gets All Runs from Layback Freiburg on Vimeo.

We had a nice sunday morning out. Yeah, and Vale has no driving license. He should get one. All the runs and no shuttle. At least he always gets the shittiest seat.

Alex Meyer || Raw Run #1 from Rouxmour Productions on Vimeo.

This a little teaser for Alex’s up coming edit.
For anyone that doesn’t know Alex; he is one of SA’s best all round skaters.
He is so comfortable skating that he makes going fast look easy, even slow!

Check it out as he cruises down a Cape Town favourite!
Alex skates Landyachtz. Period.

Music: The 6th Sense - Common

Youtube: youtube.com/watch?v=3gw0gjeNn74

Go Freebord! from Freebord Mfg. on Vimeo.

The title says it all, get out there and go Freebord!

Edit: Matt Reyes

Music: “Woodkid-Run Boy Run”

Bently Anderson
Tyler Murgo
Justin Oliver
Matt Reyes
Daniel Vega

Bently Anderson
Caleb Casey
Mike Hoppe
Jordi Puig
Tyler Murgo
Daniel R. Clay
Corey Lucero

Aerial Footage Provided by

Additional Footage Provided by
Sébastien Jam

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GoPro: Brasil Extended - Juggling in Traffic from GoPro on Vimeo.

Stand above the Rio de Janeiro traffic with a local street performer as he juggles during rush hour.

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪GoPro.com.

Elmo “Everything New”
Link to buy: goo.gl/kE2ll8

GoPro: Polar Bears - The Quest for Sea Ice from GoPro on Vimeo.

Take a swim with a polar bear family as they traverse the Arctic Ocean in search of sea ice.

To learn more about the Arctic Exploration Fund visit:

Shot 100% on the HD HERO3+® camera from ‪GoPro.com.

Music Courtesy of ExtremeMusic

CalStreets.com presents Coast Longboarding 09 : EVOLUTIONS 5 | 2009|10 from R Tetz on Vimeo.

CalStreets.com presents Evolutions 5 DVD (2009-10) by Concrete Wave Magazine. The DVD you are holding in your hands gives you a unique perspective as to what is taking place in skateboarding right now.

Our goals at Concrete Wave / CalStreets are pretty simple. Firstly, we want to showcase a wide variety of skateboarding. We believe the other skate mags, videos and websites do a great job covering street and a little bit of vert, but there is so much more else going on out there!

We know the stoke that you get from skateboarding is something truly magical. If you have enjoyed the footage, make copies for friends! Visit your local skate shop and have them play it too.

Special Thanks to: Buddy and Traci Carr of Tailtap.com, Mike Hirsch of Socialskateshop.com, Bricin Lyons of Coastlongboarding.com. Blair Watson of Skullandbonesskateboards.com. Malakai Kingston and Erik Basil of Silverfishlongboarding.com. Marcus Rietema of the International Gravity Sports Association. Rick Tetz of CalStreets.com. Thanks to Anthony Bloch for compiling the footage.

)) Comercial Rema 001 (( com Pedro H. Iti from Rema Board House on Vimeo.

Comercial Rema 001 filmado em Campo Grande/MS, Pedro H. Iti registrou este “Hardão” no fim de 2012. A imagem não estava perdida e sim muito bem guardada.
Imagem; Ewerton Pereira / Edição; Diogo Ribeiro
- Rema Boardhouse - Rua Pedro Celestino 1387 - Centro - Campo Grande/MS -

Airflow Bracket on a Cult Classic Shred! from Rafael Paiva on Vimeo.

We went with the riders Assistente Oliveira and Leonardo Barros to do what they do BEST…. SHRED hills ! !! They had the chance to test some AMAZING equipments… the Airflow Bracket and the buttery Cult Classics… and the video is the result of a rad day with them shredding the hills in São Paulo, i hope you guys like it!

I also want to thanks everyone who helped us to make this video happen. It is always a bless to have such great people around!!!


Length: 87.5 cm
max. Width: 25 cm
Wheel base: 69.5 cm + / - 1 cm
Rocker: 23 mm
3D lip concave: 11mm / 12 °
Footlock: 5mm / 5 °
Material: Beech
Graphics: Thermal Transfer
Use: Speed, freeride, controlled Sliden at high speeds

Also on the “bracket” Do you feel thanks to the unique 3D Concave any time where you stand! For it is pressed into the same shape as the “Fuse”. Defining shaped, trough-like standing surface has slightly tapered, 12 ° raised edges. The 5 ° Aussenristconcave also prevents the feet from slipping slides and radical maneuvers off the board. Thanks symmetrical design (twin tip), the board will run in both directions.


70mm x 46mm
30mm contact patch
Formulated from MYSTOTHANE
10mm Spacer

In our many dark experiments we stumbled upon a strange and elusive compound we dubbed MYSTOTHANE. Using it, we bring you our homage to the skate gods of old. A classic shape with an all new core and super-slidey urethane. Made for the smoothest slides in this and other universes.


keep watching more videos are coming!!!

Freeride setup
#Faceskate #AeraK4 #Seismic #Cliff #Predator #Venom #4DLongboarding

Freeride setup #Faceskate #AeraK4 #Seismic #Cliff #Predator #Venom #4DLongboarding