Arbor Skateboards :: Liam Morgan - Pro Model Product Highlight from Arbor Collective on Vimeo.

After months of designing and testing with Liam Morgan, we are proud to have the Liam Morgan Pro Model out now! Watch Liam breakdown all his favorite attributes of the board in his Product Highlight Video. 

Board Specs: L: 35.75” x W: 9.8125” WB: 26.5”-29.5”

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Film/Edit: Jack Boston

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HER HIM HILLS from PAN! on Vimeo.

A Downhill Academy account
by PAN !

If you wonder why, i would answer with three words
And if you wonder what for… WATCH IT NOW

A Pikes Peak Run from skateON on Vimeo.

for more videos and travel reports check:

CAMERA - Sebastian Hertler
EDIT - Martin Gajc / dropout-films
MUSIC - Broke For Free / Calm The Fuck Down

Night Runs from TylerTHNKFST on Vimeo.

Skating some runs into the night with friends.

Festival de la Bajada Day 1 Practice (New Track) from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.

Festival de la Bajada Day 1 Practice in a new track at Sibate, Colombia.

Twenty Eleven: Tooth and Nail: Smiling! from Mischo Erban on Vimeo.

Still hanging in by tooth and nail the 2011 season was another to remember! I was becoming more tuned into my skateboard setup and confidence and perseverance paid off with the World Champion Title being seized on my most favourite track in Teutonia, Brazil!

Big Thanks to Fred Baumann, Ronin Trucks, GMR Skateboards, Dan Gesmer at Seismic, Xtreme Board Shop Glendora, Knucklenuts and Crocan for the video edit!

Edit By: Marek “Crocan” Vanourek

Comet Skateboards // Ethos Series 2014 from Comet Skateboards on Vimeo.

Comet Skateboards presents the 2014 Ethos Series. Watch Nick Ronzani and Eric Jensen put them to the test in San Francisco.

New Molds, New Shapes, and New Graphics. We are proud to give you the brand new 2014 Ethos Seires in three sizes, 36”, 38” and 40”. These boards were designed from the ground up by the Comet Team Riders who went through many prototypes on a quest to create the perfect single kick skateboard. Check your Local Skateshop in the coming days to score yours!

About the Boards:

Ethos 36:
L - 36”
W - 9.75”
WB - 22”
Nose- 3.5”
Tail - 6.5”
Concave - .675”
Rocker - .675”

Ethos 38:
L - 38”
W - 9.75”
WB - 24”
Nose - 3.5”
tail - 6.5”
Concave - .675”
Rocker - .675”

Ethos 40:
L - 40”
W - 9.75”
WB - 26”
Nose - 3.5”
tail - 6.5”
Concave - .675”
Rocker - .675”

Matt Bo


© Comet Skateboards 2014

Riviera Skateboards: Brad Parker’s ‘Gnaratz’ from Riviera Skateboards on Vimeo.

Brad Parker is a professional skateboarder from Long Beach, California.
He’s a founding member of the ‘Gnaratz’ - a group of free thinking human beings that embody the DIY spirit of skateboarding.
Brad’s skateboarding is fast, raw, creative and incredibly fun to watch.
His board - ‘Gnaratz’ was built for full speed attacks on the streets, ditches, backyard pools and parks.
Enjoy these moving pictures of Brad and get psyched to go out and terrorize your favorite spots, or build your own!

'Gnaratz' Deck
9.8” x 33”
15.5” - 16.5” WB