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Longboarding: Timebomb

epic video! 

Throwing wheel bombs is fun but NOT recommended. This concept was carried out by trained riders with lots of support and spotters for this video only. It is dangerous, so please DO NOT try at home. Go longboard, have fun.

Members of the O’tang team gather together to play a game of hot potato with a deadly wheel bomb while navigating down mountain roads. Time is ticking; don’t hold on tight. 

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MUSIC: “Timebomb”
FILMED BY: Jonathan Jelkin & Adam Colton. 
EDITED BY: Jonathan Jelkin
INTRO ANIMATION: Jonathan Jelkin
RIDERS: Patrick Switzer, Kevin Reimer, Kyle Chin, James Kelly, Douglas Dalua Da Silva


- Patrick: Fullbag Elise
- Kevin: Rayne Killswitch
- Kyle: Loaded Dervish / Comet Voodoo
- James: Longboard Larry Sea Calf
- Dalua: Rayne Killswitch

WHEELS: 86a Stimulus, 80a/83a 4 President