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Thats siiick.. hell yeah.. #Downhill #Slide #Master #Yuppie

Thats siiick.. hell yeah.. #Downhill #Slide #Master #Yuppie

Fibretec Skateboards: Leon gettin Sideways (by Fibretecskateboards)

Triple Threat Outlaw

down the road I go

"Bakersfield is commonly known for its farm fields, oil refineries, pagan car fires and naked lawn mower races. One quality that most people overlook is the abundance of rolling hills. Bakersfield local Aaron Enns shared these awesome runs with the longboarding community by hosting an outlaw race and a freeride session. Shout out to Aaron and his dad for a great weekend.


1st Key Dougherty
2nd Tim Del
3rd Trevor Baird
4th Duke Degen
5th Mark Barfield
6th Aaron Enns”


Hecho En Colombia papa !!!

 Sector nine downhill división tiffany, Caliber 50°, Cult Converter 85a, Orangatan stimulus 80a, zombies hawgs wheels 82a

 Canon rebel T3i
 Canon 75- 300mm Lens
 Canon 18-55mm Lens

FILM: Antonio Galvis , Cesar Ramírez
 EDIT: Cesar Ramírez
 PRODUCTION: Cesar Ramírez, Antonio galvis
 MUSIC: Skrillex — Bangarang

Até o pôr do sol

All the good things…. all the good vibes… just awesome

"Valéria e Cristina vieram da Espanha, Paulina veio da Polônia, Kari da Noruega juntas elas vão desvendar os melhores picos, as melhores ondas, as melhores vistas e todos os encantos do Rio, até o sol se pôr

Valeria and Cristina came from Spain, Paulina came from Poland and Kari from Norway.

together, they will discover the best spots, the greatest waves and the most incredible views from every corner of Rio de Janeiro, til the sunset

Introducing The First Web Series By adoro FARM, ” Ate O Por Do Sol” Till Sunset with the Girls from Longboard Girls Crew, Creative Direction by Sharon Battat, Film and Editing by Guilherme Guimarães and Production by Litmedia Productions Starring: Valeria Kechichian, Cristina Mandarina, Kari Havnevik, Paulina Nowik and Danielle Piccolo.”

ABEC 11 - Mike Fitter Heavy Hitter

"Get Fitted! What did the superstar of our ‘Hell On Wheels’ video do when he came down to the candy shop in Huntington Beach? He loaded up on green and blue urethane only to lay it all back down on the burning streets of SoCal. Talk about thane lines? Nope. Mike lets his skating do the talking. Burn, burn, another funky radical BOMBTRACK, Burn, burn, ignite the hell on wheels cuz Fitter’s back!

A special thanks to Kata Bags for helping us keep our precious cargo safe and sound.

IGSA Kozakov Challange 2012 official - shortcut

Kozakov Challenge is getting year by year more and more incredible event full of fast and close runs (traditionaly also on wet), lots of crashes and HEAVY party in infamous Kozakov Party Tent. This year weather changed expectation of many riders, thou we’ve got maybe unexpected winner of longboard category. 

This is the “shortcut” version of Kozakov video. Stay tunned for full 35min “documentary” version with more interviews and more riding and also special clip made of the best Crane Car and Helicam shots only!


3heads and Kozakov Challenge organizers

Kozákov Challenge se stává rok od roku čím dál víc legendárním závodem, známým díky rychlé a uzké trati, na které padá i mnoho zkušených jezdců, a také díky “nechvalně” známým párty. Počasí tento rok opět zamíchalo kartami závodu a díky tomu jsme možná na stupních vítězů mohli vidět nečekané tváře.

Toto je zkrácená verze oficiálního videa z Kozákov Challenge a brzy bude doplněna o plnou 35min dlouhou dokumentární verzi, ve které uvidíte více rozhovorů a více ježdění. Kromě ní vypustíme i speciální klip složený pouze z těch nejlepších záběrů z Crane káry a Helicamu!


3heads a realizační tým Kozakov Challenge

Juicing the Giant

Great freeride style in an awesome hill…. go ahead !

Prince Dillon was really nice and let us bum it at his house for a week in between Vernon DH and Kelowna DH. He also was super down to go skate when the weather permitted, hunt quail, and fuck shit up around town when it was raining. Just look at how much fun these dudes are having. Also pay attention to how smooth and stylish Dillon is, and how awkward Chubbs is.

Song: Juicy J- Juicy J Can’t”

Sector 9 - A Week in Canada 2012

That’s longboard lifestyle !! 

"Danger Bay, Jake’s Rash, Britannia Classic, and everything in between. Jeff Budro and the grom squad charged it in Canada and came away with two first place finishes! Ya boys!

Chance Gaul: 1st Place - Danger Bay Slide Comp

Jeff Budro: 1st Place - Britannia Classic (Masters)”

Longboarding: Back Home

Some sicks spins and checks… check this champ….

"A few weeks ago, Tyson and I went down to California to skate, film and visit the guys down at Otang. While we were there, they hooked us up with a bunch of baluts to bring home and shred. The California video is coming soon, in the mean time; check out BCcollective shredding some baluts on their home hills.



Colton: Comet Grease Hammer/ Wheelbase, Calibers/Surf Rodz, Baluts 86a and 80a

Tyson: Rayne Vandal, Calibers, Baluts 80a

Kyle: Comet Grease Hammer, Paris, Baluts 83a, 86a and 80a

Spencer: Rayne Killswitch, Calibers, Baluts 80a and 83a

Kurtis (the ginger): Comet Grease Hammer, Calibers, Baluts 80a

Filmed by: the riders

Edited by: Colton Killoran”